Monday, November 10, 2008

Man and waman...

Did you know...The largest cell of the body is the egg, and the smallest spermatozoon.
Did you know...The food take only 7 seconds to get up in the stomach.
Did you know...One single hair can support a weight of 3Kg (6 lb).
Did you know...The average penis is 3 times the length of thumb in hand.
Did you know...Femurul is strongest then concrete.
Did you know...The heart of women beat faster than men.
Did you know...More than a billion bacteria are on each foot.
Did you know...Waman flashing 2 times more often that man.
Did you know...The skin weight average about 2 times as the brain, the same person.
Did you know...Body uses 300 muscles to keep your body in a stable position, right.
Did you know...If saliva can not dissolve something, then we can not feel any taste.

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