Friday, November 14, 2008


Did you know...Google's employees get free haircuts.
Did you know...Google receives more than 1000 resumes a day.
Did you know...Google can be queried in 36 languages.
Did you know...Google uses over 10,000 networked computers to crawl the web?
Did you know...Google has 2007 surpassed Microsoft as the world's most-visited site?
Did you know...Google have won 2007 most powerful brand by a British research company?
Did you know...Google staff are known as Googlers?
Did you know...the name "Google" comes from a spelling mistake, the founders intendent to write "Googol"?
Did you know...Google launched their search site in 1998?
Did you know...Google offers its employees free lunch?
Did you know...Google's employees get free haircuts?
Did you know...the founders of Google didn't know HTML and just wanted a quick interface, thats one of the main reason why the home page is so bare?
Did you know...the Google function "I feel lucky" is nearly never used, well compared to the high number of users.

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