Friday, January 16, 2009


Did you know...There is a Chinatown in Shanghai.
Did you know...China manufactures about 70% of the world's toys.
Did you know...There are 1.600 rivers in China.
Did you know...China is the second largest fast food market after the United States.
Did you know...In China astronauts are called taikonauts.
Did you know...Friday the 13th is suppose to be day of luck.
Did you know...In China they call black tea as red tea.
Did you know...China is said to be the birthplace of tea.
Did you know...Chinese were the first to use paper.
Did you know...China adopted the new Gregorian calendar in 1949.
Did you know...Tennis is one of China's fastest growing sports.
Did you know...About 700 000 engineers graduate annually from schools in China.
Did you know...34 children are born every minute in China.
Did you know...China is the world's largest consumer of concrete.
Did you know...China produces one third of the world's steel.

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