Monday, January 28, 2008


Did you know...The chocolate chip cookie is invented by Ruth Wakefield in 1933. M&M sweets were launched in military ration packs in 1940.
Did you know...The world's oldest existing eatery (birt) opened in Kai-Feng, China in 1153.
Did you know...To make one kilo of honey bees have to visit 4 million flowers, traveling a distance equal to 4 times around the earth.
Did you know...Botanically speaking, the banana is a herb and the tomato is a fruit Did you know...Approximately one billion snails are served in restaurants annually.
Did you know...Carrots have zero fat content.
Did you know...Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta, Georgia by Dr. John S. Pemberton in 1886.
Did you know...Rodin died of frostbite in 1917 when the French government refused him financial aid for a flat, yet they kept his statues warmly housed in museums.
Did you know...Plastic bottles were first used for soft drinks in 1970
Did you know...The Bible still is the world's best selling book.
Did you know...2 billion people still cannot read.
Did you know...The first English dictionary was written by Samuel Johnson in 1755.

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